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deeventures's Journal

Dee Ventures - EBay Seller
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Dee Ventures EBay Auctions

This is the official LiveJournal of my EBay auctions known as Dee Ventures. I sell most anything; movies, purses, jewelry, video games, baby clothes, baby products, baby shower gift bags (pre-packaged with gift services like express mail and customized card), books, and more. I offer discounted shipping on all orders when you win another auction (or do another Buy It Now) within 7 days of each other. I even have a partial or full refund policy; check out my listings for more information.

As always, be sure to contact me here, on EBay as deeventures, or by email at deeventures@gmail.com with any questions, concerns, or problems. I'll do anything I can to get you the product you want at a fair and reasonable price!